Bespoke Service


Do you have an idea for a treasure you would like to create in Emily’s signature style? Whether it’s an existing design with an alternative choice of stones or an idea straight from your imagination, Emily’s Bespoke Service will help you bring it to life, personally handcrafting every piece from her workshop in Oxfordshire.

 Every commission is as unique in it’s process as it’s outcome, so we may start with an initial sketch, a model, or on other occasions we might work straight into precious metal. Emily can cater to most budgets and she will always try to accommodate your timeframe, but we do recommend allowing 6-10 weeks for your commission. 

If you require stones in your piece, Emily will source a selection for you from trusted suppliers or can even repurpose inherited & heirloom stones to help create a new sentimental treasure.


Emily is always delighted to work with couples looking for an alternative to the ordinary for their engagement and wedding bands, creating a more meaningful and personal way to symbolise their unique story together.
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